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  • With lowest trading fees starting from 0.1% to 0.2%

  • The exchange is available in more than 190 countries

  • A 25% discount will be given while using BNB on the transaction fees


  • Trading fees are in between 0.4% and 0.1%

  • Payments can be done debit/credit card and SEPA

  • Available to traders across 130 countries


  • Trading fees range between 0.4% and 0.1%

  • Purchase Bitcoin through Debit/credit card and SEPA

  • Kraken is obtained by more than 190 countries

Binance is knowns as the largest exchange in the world when it comes to trading volume, supporting trading of a huge range of cryptocurrencies. It was founded in China by Changpeng Zhao. Binance is the most reliable platform when it comes to buying a Bitcoin. It's safe and secure cryptocurrency wallet keeps traders/buyers' digital assets safe.

Binance has a trading volume of 10 to 12 billion per day and approx 12 million daily active users. It is available and operated in more than 180 countries. Even the BNB token have risen from the ICO price of $1.52 to around $15, a return of over 16000%.

  • Low trading transaction fees from 0.1% to 0.2%

  • Use BNB Token and get a 25% discount

  • Cryptocurrencies are supported up to 180+ countries

  • Most trusted crypto trading platform having more 20 million active users per day

  • Trading volume is around 10-12 billion daily

  • ​The exchange has 320,000 active users

  • Buy bitcoin using credit/debit cards

  • SAFU funds act as insurance against the scams

  • The exchange has been a victim of hackers once  and $40 million worth of bitcoin was stolen  

  • It doesn’t have a long success record

​Huobi Global was established in China by a Former Oracle Computer Enginee, Leon Lin, in 2013. Huobi receives a venture investment in 2014 from few investors which include Sequoia Captial too. It has grown and has partnered with several companies in around 12 countries with more than 1,300 employees.

In 2017, Huobi shifted their headquarters to Singapore after authorities cracked down on exchanges in China. Presently, the exchange has more than 5 million active users and the trading volume lies between 2 to 5 billion per day. Huobi Token(HT), known as Native Token, has raised exceptionally from an ICO price of $1.52 to over $4.

  • Trading Volume is 2-5 billion per day

  • Supports 190 cryptocurrencies

  • Huobi has over 5 million daily active users

  • Customer support accessible in two different languages

  • Users can have high volatility live trading

  • OTC Huobi

  • Compatible with almost every device

  • It supports Margin trading and funding

  • User Protection Fund always acts as insurance


  • The trading fee is 0.2% on all assets

  • Daily withdrawal cap $2,000 and $10,000 every month

  • Do not support purchase from wire transfer 

  • Debit/credit card deposits charges are 8%

Kraker's development started in 2011 and took 2 years to complete even after the fact that the trades already dispatching from 2013. In the beginning, before different forms of digital money were included, the Kraken was offering Euro, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Kraken made sure about a Series A speculation of $5 million of every 2014 from Hummingbird Ventures and different financial specialists that incorporated the Bitcoin Opportunity Fund. 

Kraken is presently accessible in more than 180 nations across four landmasses. The trade additionally offers edge exchanging with the influence of 5X. Over 2.2 million clients on the stage can exchange around 10 diverse computerized monetary standards and direct exchanging sets.

  • It offers high purchasing limits and liquidity 

  • It supports margin trading

  • Daily trading volume is in between 100 to 300 million

  • Available in more than 180 countries

  • Kraken supports  up to 34 different cryptocurrencies

  • Most Secure  bitcoin exchange

  • More than 30 trading pairs available

  • Supports 5 fiat currencies

  • Funds processing takes 1-5 business days

  • No withdrawal caps

  • Users can earn staking rewards

  • SWIFT, SEPA, and Wire transfer transactions

  • Limited payment options available for trading

  • Complicated KYC verification process

  • Customer support is not satisfactory

  • INR for trade not supported

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​Understanding Bitcoins

Are you looking to trade Bitcoin? Well, no doubt, Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in the crypto markets. Crypto enthusiasts prefer Bitcoin as compared to any other virtual coin. But before trading Bitcoin, you must know everything about it. For people who don't know, Bitcoin is the first-ever cryptocurrency launched back in 2009. Back then, it came to make online payments. But with time, it became the most famous cryptocurrency ever. 


It is the largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. But what most of the people don't know is about the creator of Bitcoin. The creator of the Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. He is still a mystery in the crypto world. Coming back to the Bitcoin, you can use fiat currency to buy local Bitcoins. Unlike any other digital currency, Bitcoin also exists in digital form. That means you can posses it through a virtual wallet and use it in virtual payments.


Further, Bitcoin is not governed by any central authority. It is a decentralized digital asset. The most interesting thing about the Bitcoin blockchain is, it is a peer-to-peer system that validates all the transactions. So, whenever a user transacts any Bitcoin, the network receives a new block, and then the local Bitcoins are created by mining the blocks.

To make it more accessible for you, here is a quick rundown that will help you contemplate about Bitcoin

  • First-ever virtual currency launched in 2009

  • Known to be the god-father of Cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto is the first-ever person to mine Bitcoin

  • Only 21 million Bitcoins can be mined

  • No one in the world owns the Bitcoin blockchain

  • Every transaction of Bitcoin is backed by a three-way book entry trading system

  • The total value of Bitcoin is around $100 billion.

  • Bitcoin can be downloadable by anyone

  • Any individual with computer hardware can mine Bitcoin

  • It experiences high-price volatility

  • The Bitcoin blockchain validates every transaction made in the network.

  • Anyone can earn a Bitcoin through trading, direct purchase, mining, or by making payments.

To get more interesting facts about cryptocurrency, you can check out Buy Bitcoin, Buy Bitcoin Now Reddit or What is Bitcoin?

The Money System

The usual monetary system is usually governed by a central authority or the government that decides the value of the currency. In this system, you will find that there are various mediators involved in the transaction. For instance, if you want to send cash, you have to involve a bank or a payment processor that helps you in confirming the transaction. And it also takes about 2-7 business days to confirm any transactions. 

Regular fiat transactions

Operation of Bitcoin

Here, you are your own bank. You don't have to involve any third party to confirm your payment. This is one of the major benefits of a decentralized system. On the other hand, every transaction you make is validated by computers or decentralized ledgers. So this, as a result, helps you in a faster transaction and even faster confirmation. Most of the transactions in Bitcoin either take a minute or an hour maximum to complete the transaction.

Bitcoin transactions


Cryptocurrency Risks

Price Variability

The price of Bitcoin is highly volatile. Not only in Bitcoin, but most of the cryptocurrencies are also highly volatile. It can fall in a single day suddenly. This happens, as the price of the virtual currencies is determined by the market sentiments. So, you can see a sudden rise or a sudden fall in the price. That is why people find it to be a little risky. The high volatility in the price can make you lose all your investments all of a sudden.

Increasing Scams

 Due to its rising demand, every scammer and hackers make a frequent target on the crypto exchanges. If hackers get access to your wallet, they can easily wipe out all your hard-earned savings.

High Transaction Fees

There are some providers who may charge you extravagant fees while trading Bitcoin. This can leave you overwhelmed. So, before making any decision, you should conduct research and compare the fees. This will help you avoid exploitation.


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